Aug 18, 2015 by DJ Inada

New Born: Nothing But a Title

Tracklist CD 1

  1. Circus is Open
  2. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  3. Omen
  4. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  5. Universal Bus
  6. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  7. A Sleeper's Guide
  8. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  9. Playing Games
  10. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  11. Something with Stuff
  12. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  13. Going Sun Worshiper
  14. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  15. Far from Home
  16. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  17. Going Somewhere Else
  18. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  19. Nothing But a Title
  20. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

Tracklist CD 2

  1. For its Own Sake
  2. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  3. Ineffaceable Moments
  4. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  5. Birds of Imagination
  6. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  7. Fish
  8. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  9. Staring into the Abyss
  10. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  11. Touch Nothing
  12. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  13. Healing Process (Last of the Star Makers)
  14. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  15. Gentle Perfection
  16. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  17. The New World
  18. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  19. These Yellow Eyes
  20. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  21. Ancient Piano Melody
  22. Written and produced by Tom Rarin


Writing an introduction text for a new CD should be simple, like it always was. Only this time we are speaking about an exception. The first line I came up with was: “New Born is Tom Rarin, Tom Rarin is the music, the music is New Born’s soul.”

“How to describe some one’s soul?”

Not an easy task; impossible thy say? Indeed. Because Tom Rarin (aka New Born) is probably the most colorful and complex Goa artist walking around the scene these days. God, I love that! Only controlled by his own standards.

"Love within"

A colorful blend of emotions and sounds makes him the real “New Born” in the Goa scene of today. Only influenced and touched by his pure desire to make music and express himself in notes. With a very specific way of being creative he already set the world on fire with an epic musical poem “The Observer”.

Well this time it will not be any different. Let yourself be amazed and don’t hesitate to taste his “new born” music with your ears and an open mind (very important). Allow yourself being overwhelmed by his sensitivity. Don’t judge by only listening once: carefully, dive deep, dive deeper every time you listen. Become a part of the music, become a part of New Born, join his soul in notes within notes.

Order & listen to the digital release (or pre-order the 2CD album) @ our Bandcamp page

"Don't panic & keep psychedelic"
DJ Inada - manager Cronomi Records


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Jun 13, 2014 by DJ Inada

Psysutra: Gamma Phoenicis


  1. Planet Of Illusions
  2. Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek

  3. Acid Rush
  4. Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek

  5. Air Trance Corporation
  6. Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek

  7. United States Of Mind
  8. Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek

  9. Lost Universe
  10. Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek

  11. Jetman - Female Animals (Psysutra's Male perspective Mix)
  12. Written by Łukasz Łaskawiec, Remix by Łukasz Wiącek

  13. Postcard From Goa
  14. Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek


Cronomi Records is very proud to present its next full length album: “PSYSUTRA- GAMMA PHOENICIS”. Who is better to describe the creative process than the artist himself? In his own words: “It has been a delight to work on this for 6 years. Listen, enjoy and… see you on the dance floor.”

A short and powerful description, isn’t it? But you’ll hear what he means when you have obtained this gem. Psysutra will take you on a melodic and acidic journey filled with melancholic atmospheres. Never boring: The tracks are long and complex stories that are made for listening, trancing and dancing!


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Dec 31, 2013 by DJ Inada

If I Wasn't Human, I'd Be A Trance Track


  1. Intro
  2. Lyrics by Alan Watts

  3. New Born – Unidentified
  4. Written and produced by Tom Rarin

  5. Temporal – Flying In A Trance
  6. Written and produced by Anatoly Vasilchenko

  7. Portamento – Flying & Falling
  8. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  9. Psysutra – Free And Independend
  10. Written and produced by Łukasz Wiącek

  11. Artha – Faith
  12. Written and produced by Michal Baczek

  13. Dragon Twins – The Acid Man
  14. Written and produced by Mathias Pico

  15. Vila nOva – Genesis
  16. Written and produced by Kobi Yakov Grabski

  17. M-Run – Spirit Implosion
  18. Written and produced by Mario Matakovic


Finally: "Here it is guys!! Yes, yes!!"
The new Cronomi Rec. compilation: “VA - If I Wasn't Human, I'd Be A Trance Track"

We had some delay, but the compilation is pressed and sent to us. All info and samples (for pre-order) available - see below.


Didn't you never think: “What if I wasn’t human, what would I be?” Let us answer you that question! “A trance track” Life is, in what form it might appear, a flow of ever changing melodies & complexities. This new “Cronomi rec.” CD (compiled by “dj Inada”) guides you trough this melodic, psychedelic & complex journey: and it’s full of wonders!


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Sep 2nd, 2011 by Michael

Portamento - The Portal


  1. White Dwarf
  2. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  3. 48 Hours
  4. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  5. The Portal
  6. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  7. Monkshroom
  8. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  9. Injected Spawn
  10. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  11. Biosphere
  12. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  13. Vitamin E
  14. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  15. A Grain of Sand
  16. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

  17. Controlled Experiment
  18. Written and produced by Jesper Hahn

Cronomi Records are proud to present “The Portal” – debut album from Danish artist PortaMento.

While this is his first album release, PortaMento (aka Jesper Hahn) is a seasoned producer, who started making tunes as early as 1997 – inspired by the big acts from the golden days of Goa. After having honed his skills for a couple of years, he found himself emerging on a scene where most everyone else had left the party. Despite this, he stuck to his own style, and became one of the top underground artists. The music, while influenced by the Goa of the late 90′s, has a distinct deep, dark flow blended with psychedelic acidlines, atmospheres and multiple leads in complex arrangements. It is fast without being flimsy. Melodic without being cheesy. Smooth flowing without being repetitive. And each track has a story to tell, if you listen closely. But don’t take our word for i – The Portal is right there – see for yourself what’s on the other side.

So far that was the “official” release information stuff. Now I would like to add a few words of my own:
Until now, all of our CDs were manufactured in 1000 copies. This one would be only 500 copies. There are varied reasons for this (mostly financial), but you can treat it as a limited edition release. Even though I personally don’t like the term “limited edition” since it’s sort of a marketing gimmick and the music stays the same anyway, which is the important thing, for me at least. But hey! You got a limited edition out of this! Not only that, there is a bonus for those who actually support us by buying the CD. The inner artwork isn’t your generic artwork you find on all CDs, it’s a folded mini-poster which actually looks preety good so you can even put it on your wall for display or something.

Some words about the music itself: Cronomi records is mostly known as a “new school” label, but I think that our last compilation (Erta Ale) changed that image a bit with some real old school sounding tracks. This trend continues here. Not only this sounds old school, it is actually old school with some of the tracks written in the 90′s. This release is a mixture of old and new, with old tracks treated to sound new and new tracks treated to sound old. I’m saying this not only because I’m the label manager, but because I love music: This album kicks ass. This is how goa should sound, in the past, present and future. The tracks have this darkish feeling to them, yet melodic without being cheesy. Just brilliant. And the sound production is just perfectly solid without being too polished or sterile. I hope you enjoy it!

Mar 25th, 2011 by Michael

Some words about our philosophy

Our recent release, Erta Ale, has sparked some debate in the internet about what we do, and how we do it. Seems like there is a special love-hate relationship with our releases. Some people claim that we can’t keep a constant style, or have this elitistic or pretentious attitude. Other people love our releases and say it’s the best thing that happened to “neogoa” (thanks guys!).

Well, let me put my (Michael/Subra) opinion about this issue, and I’m sure DJ Inada (the other owner of the label) will agree as well. The current state of neogoa as of 2011, is that most of the music released is very melodic, very uplifting and very, well, “neogoa”ish. You know what I mean. We totally respect this music, and I even listen to it and enjoy it a lot. Hearing it on parties is a delight. But, and there’s a big “but” to it, it all sounds generic to me. I will explain what I mean by “generic”. I mean it in a totally descriptive way, not degratory at all. The thing is, it all sounds the same to my ears. Sounds like it was all made on a single virtual instrument patch, on the same scale using the same arpeggios. While it may be brilliant dance music, there is just too much of it. Most of the artists producing this music are also in their late teens or early twenties and I can totally understand it, since I was there too. But when you grow up a bit (and I’m not that old) your opinions change and you have differing views about music. You want to hear something different from this common style of neogoa (or any other genre – I’m sure that people in funk, metal, blues and rock also have the same opinion). You need something fresh for your ears.

We do not release the common neogoa because of that reason. This is of course not helping us to gain new friends. I can imagine the average artist thinking to himself “How come they say they don’t want this? This is an amazing track! I played it last night and everyone loved it!“. Well, it is an excellent track and I’d love it too if I was in that party, I’m sure. The thing is, there are already so many labels releasing this type of music so why should we? Maybe the emergence of the “free music” revolution is helping this, making releases too easy and contributing to the inflation in “generic” (again – descriptive, not degratory) type of neogoa.

Since our releases are pressed on plastic, and the artists and other people involved are paid, we have very strict quality control. Hey, even Inada himself forced some changes on my own track on Erta Ale, even though it’s actually my own label and I can do whatever I want. This lead to very slow release rate. We have about 1 release per year, and I really believe we should not release more than this 1 release. Nonetheless, it’s quite a compliment that some artists care about us enough to be acually offended by our rejection of their tracks (and publicly dislike our releases and artists after that).

We release stuff that sounds different. It doesn’t have to be in any specific style. Every time we hear something out of the ordinary that catches our ears, that’s a potential release. This explains our variety, from the minimal Anakoluth to the maximal Artha. We release music that we like, music that sounds properly produced to our (not that much) older ears. Apparently, this works, as our releases are constantly being voted as “best of” in various websites and forums. This is actually so constant that only our first release was never voted as a “winner” in anything. This of course makes us extremely happy and very proud of the artists that wrote the tracks. It gives them a reason to be proud, since Cronomi is indeed making a name of being a top quality, if not a “boutique”. We want our artists to work hard to create something which will last in people’s minds for long, and not be forgotten after a year or two. The artists are succeeding in this, and making our fans happy.

This brings me to my final point – Cronomi records is now 4 years old. This could not have happened without the support of our fans, which buy our music, and attend parties with Cronomi artists. I must give a huge “thank you” for our fans! We couldn’t be here today without you. Keep supporting our music and you will get more of this quality (just try to be patient please).